Amazon Heart was founded in 2004 by two young breast cancer survivors, Megan Dwyer and Meredith Campbell. Megan and Meredith, affectionately known as M&M provided their last Amazon Heart Adventure in 2010.
Amazon Heart adventures were created to provide a unique and inspiring peer support
opportunity for under-served groups of breast cancer survivors, particularly the young. These events themselves create a broader social impact for women with breast cancer by funding projects that fill other needs, creating advocacy and awareness around breast cancer issues, and also provide volunteers and funding for local community social action projects.


In 2011, M & M handed over the reigns of this amazing organization to Christine Benjamin to keep the spirit of Amazon Heart alive. In 2012, Amazon Heart opened our adventures to women living with Breast, Ovarian and other Women’s Cancers. Amazon Heart Thunder 2012 is the first adventure under the new Amazon Heart leadership. Look for new and exciting adventures in the future.

Christine Benjamin, LCSW - Director
Christine Benjamin is a clinical social worker and therapist turned artist and Harley rider. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, Christine began studying photography and volunteering at the Young Survival Coalition. She began photographing women with breast cancer as a way to deal with the complicated emotions surrounding a cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. Her award winning photographs from the “i Of The Beholder” series have been published in Self Magazine, Moment Magazine and The Livestrong Quarterly. Christine has focused on supporting others who are going through cancer treatment and co-created the Young Survival Coalitions SurvivorLink Program which matches young women with breast cancer with others in similar circumstances for support and knowledge.
Christine is currently working with women living with metastatic disease at SHARE who provides self help for women with breast and ovarian cancer. She is also working on a film about her family’s cancer ordeal and continues to photograph women with breast cancer.
Colette Nichols - Bio coming soon.
Board of Directors
Wanda Cockrell - Bio Coming Soon
Melissa Pantel-Ku - Bio Coming Soon

Current Logo:
Amazon Heart has meant so much to so many women with breast cancer.  These adventures have inspired friendships, empowered the disempowered, and rekindled joy. They have challenged women to learn new skills, to face their fears, and to seize unique opportunities. They have, quite simply, changed lives.  AH adventures remind us that there is life after cancer, and that each of us has the power to determine what that life will look like. 
Yet for some of our sisters, there was no “after cancer,” and life ended way too soon.  Many Amazon Heart participants have lost their lives to metastatic breast cancer; each death has been deeply felt and mourned.  Each time someone passes, this post appears on Facebook:  “Another Amazon Heart Sister got her wings today.” 
Wings are a perfect and powerful symbol for our new logo. They adorn birds and butterflies, mythical creatures and angels.  Wings can symbolize flight and freedom, guidance and protection, and even enlightenment.  The Amazon Heart logo symbolizes freedom in different dimensions:  the freedom from pain or disease, the freedom to celebrate your priorities, the freedom to live your life any way you desire – after or during cancer.  Our wings honor AH sisters and other women who have lost their lives to breast and other cancers.  And they invite you to join Amazon Heart as you begin your own amazing journey.